Mississippi, the last American state to renounce the Confederate emblem

Mississippi’s elected officials finally gave up the Confederate emblem that had appeared on their flag for 126 years.

The House of Representatives and the State Senate voted on Sunday for a bill that will send the current flag to oblivion. The legislation has gained support from the two main parties.

Republican Governor Tate Reeves has already announced that he will ratify the bill . As soon as it has signed the document, the current pavilion will lose its official status.

The President of the House of Representatives, Republican Philip Gunn, a white man, had wanted a new flag for five years, saying the Confederate emblem was offensive. Representatives adopted the bill by a vote of 91-23. The senators then imitated them by a vote of 37-14.

How good it is to celebrate this on this Lord’s Day , said Gunn. Many had prayed to him for this day to come. He replied , he added.

Mississippi has long refused all those who demanded the removal of this racist emblem, but rapid developments in recent weeks have convinced elected officials to change their rifles.

Protests against racial injustice have increased in the United States, including Mississippi. Several leaders from business, religion, education and sport have spoken out strongly against the current state flag. They urged legislators to abandon this flag adopted 126 years ago for a new one that would better reflect the diversity of the state, of which 38% of the population is black.

A commission will be appointed to design a new flag which cannot include the Confederate symbol, but which must be inscribed In God We Trust [we trust God].

The House of Representatives and the Senate had agreed to suspend the legislative deadlines in force to accept the tabling of the bill.

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